Sunday, 19 January 2020

Playlist From Best Albums (September '19)

Bill Callahan
Download the albums HERE

Bill Callahan - Baby Breath
Bill Callahan - Riding for a feeling
Billy Callahan - Free's

Palace - Berlin
Palace - Caught my breath
Palace - Heaven up there

Soccer Mommy - Still clean
Soccer Mommy - Cool
Soccer Mommy - Blossom (wasting all my time)

Milo - Mythbuilding Exercise No 9
Milo - Pure Scientific Intelligence (Quantum)
Milo - Galahad in Goosedown (fiat ituista pereat mundus)

Kacey Musgraves - Merry go round
Kacey Musgraves - Dandelion
Kacey Musgraves - Step off

Josh Garrels - Born again
Josh Garrels - Colors
Josh Garrels - Always be

Evening Hymns - You and Jake
Evening Hymns - Cabin in the burn
Evening Hymns - Moon River

Emma Louise - Wish You Well
Emma Louise - Falling Apart
Emma Louise - Just the Way I am

The National - Roman Holiday
The National - Oblivion
The National - i am easy to find

Steve Lacy - Playground
Steve Lacy - Basement Jack
Steve Lacy - Lay Me Down

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Quotes XXII

  • The goal of a poet ultimately is to create less people like him
  • Spell binders undergo attrition with society it’d be best to listen to them
  • In everything, lies everything
  • Let evil happen, you will be fine
  • Write your hobbies so you don’t forget them
  • Many want to be termed “matured” not knowing that, to mature is to get close to decay.
  • To tell, is to shout and shake vehemently
  • Good advice is the best teacher, not experience
  • Never tell lies for the sake of your truth
  • It is not how much you have, but how much you are willing to give
  • A poem is a moment in time
  • All the affairs of the world have as much essence as a mustard seed
  • I am a fool, only if you let me
  • Art is done for the differed multiplicity of interpretations
  • Don't be in a hurry to spew your drivel, everything eventually gets forgotten
  • To make music is to liquefy knowledge
  • Esoterism is like cement on a fertile ground

Victor Samuel

Saturday, 11 January 2020

Take A Walk

Wake up one or every morning and take a walk, as simple as that. Pick a route you are familiar with and will not be accosted for your strangeness and just walk, You could use your earpiece and head out, walk your mind clear, as you take that walk, You could walk around in your community or neighborhood and see new places places you don’t know or have never been, the nooks, crannies,alleys, and find business places you had no idea existed, you could play songs while you do, you can even meditate and quiet your monkey mind as you try to think away all your hate and ego.

  When you walk you could play a music that will serves as a background song while you see people suffer in a similar toil,see the things missing in your community. For me it is a lack of a playing space, as my community is filled with endless shop and cubicles with people selling similar wares chasing a debt mechanism rigged against them,I see their worried faces and the egos that fuels their unnecessary worry, see the endless junk of cans and plastic that litter the street and those who walk and ride cars atop it proudly. In a noisy city walking will serves as form of meditation, a way of losing weight, and praying, instead of finding elusive comfort and peace in your box of stone once your monkey mind can't seem to shut up or not allowing you any reprieve you can take the cool air,see faces find laugh, see endless folly while listening to your favorite music, don't rush, stop and read signs see the proximity of religious house and the empty people that occupy them see the cell towers, stray dogs, practice mindfulness throughout find a place stop, sit and watch as people rush past you as they always do, watch them intently and think what requires their haste, do funny voice-overs, evaluate yourself, take a walk because health-wise its is good for you,Take a walk because the world is your home and drown that feeling of stagnation 

  Walking have been a fun hobby I found recently, since i stay in Lagos which is quite overcrowded, because of my introvert nature i hate the danger of fast drivers on the road and senseless heckling that jogging brings. I try to find my calm in my walk, I have a route i walk morning and evening that amount to 2 km of walk per day, it is has done wonders for my health, and it serves as an avenue for me to listen to the new albums i upload here at least once to give them a fairly good listen before deciding. I start from my street to Dada Ebiye's walk up and follow the curve to Powerline street where at the junction there i buy carrot, then i walk down Powerline street, and turn out into the main road and walk back up to Rimax busstop cross the road, and walk down back to Dada Ebiye street again to my street and back home, Now you know my route..

What's will be yours?

Victor Samuel

Thursday, 9 January 2020

Reel in Torrents

You might wonder, how can i have so much albums on my blog, it is quite simple, by getting links for them,  A link is a web address that takes you directly to where something or someplace is on the web to ease your search for that specific thing, 
What then is a Torrent, it is an encapsulated link that gives you the ability to search for  and download a particular file for a period of time as long as the seeder have enough to keep the link alive, I guess basically it means you can download something from somewhere using a particular application for a long period of time without it breaking or you losing the file.
it is ideal for downloading large files, like games, series and long running anime (like one piece)
so you can download the file at your own pace with the data you have without losing the file, meaning if you have a file you want that is 20 gb and you can only download it at 5 gb per week it will there for that month or more waiting patiently
A torrent site basically provide us with media though under the scrutiny of many web blockers, they still try to create mirror sites so as to provide media for people like me who don't have the luxury to go to the theater always or easy made cash to pay for a particular movie, affording us certain things through an app and easy downloads. i am quite grateful for sites like Kickass, Piratebay,, Extra torrent

I had to do this article because i know, i have become quite presumptuous in my movie download i will write download from torrent here not knowing if many of you know how to use torrent files, for you who do, these article is not for you, for the many who don't well this is how simple it is

I used my tab to explain, but the explanation works for both system too

Download Utorrent from Playstore,.(there are other types of torrent) go to google and ask for which one you feel is the best, but for this explanation we will make use of utorrent

It is not heavy at most 5 mb and easy to download 

Here is the interface after downloading the app, amidst ads, there is the pro version incase you don't want the ads (in truth they can be frustrating)

Next your browser
this is the homepage of my UC browser on my tab, i am just using this one for explanation (Chrome is way better and recommended)

search for Piratebay on google  and you should come to these search result 
pick the website pointed by the arrow below, 

that will take you to the home page of Piratebay which looks like this

on the search dialog box click for what you want, i searched for Gintama (i have already downloaded this)  just downloading it again for the sake of explanation and reiterating the beauty of this anime

you will see these search results leading the list is the link with the most healthy live ( in downloading terms it means the one least likely to stop halfway) 

this arrow points at the seeder and lecher number that backs the fact that the link is healthy since the seeder number is higher than the others on that list so you are good to go

then you can click on the magnet link as circled above this means essentially that you want to download the file, it is the torrent's equivalent of Oddverbs (Download HERE) you click on the magnet when you want to download the file, what it does is it essentially puts the file into your application downloader ( that is the Utorrent you downloaded earlier)

you will have an interface like this showing you all i am downloading, I also took the liberty of downloading Kendrick Lamar's good kid Maad city to show you that you can also download music there too, 

In case you didn't click on the magnet immediately you can also open the file to see what is inside if you are looking for a particular file there, mostly i only get to do this if i am looking for a particular album and in looking for it, i decide to download the discography of the artist, i might click on the torrent file and i still don't find the album i might decide against downloading it

even here you can still see the magnet explained fully as (get this torrent ) so you can click on it if you are satisfied with the torrent's content and immediately you click on it, it starts downloading however you can pause it, and continue depending on how you want to manage your data, the speed also depends on the seeder number high numbers = high speed download is the site i use mostly for my movies, i like it because of the filtering mechanism it has where i can download movies based on IMDb ratings and i go for movies of 8+ ratings because there are a lot of stupid movies out there i am quite conscious of what i let into my mind, looking at highlighted circle below, you will see that the site groups the torrent according to quality, i download 720 
but unlike piratebay it doesn't download the movie into your torrent downloader application immediately it creates a transferable torrent link which you then have to access

when you open the file, it takes you straight to your torrent downloader in this case Utorrent so look at the movie six days of Sistine, ( i am not downloading this movie) just explaining

as shown with the arrow above, that is the way it will be after downloading you can click on and open the file directly here (by the way this is chrome browser)

or you can download it later as shown with the arrow above, the file will remain in your download folder until you decide you want to open it, if the movie is good and you want a friend to watch it , you can just share the torrent file to him or her and that person can also download it too.
As you can see above, I clicked open the file directly and now it has started downloading, do you noticed that i paused others, yes, you can pause and continue later depending on your choice

So back to your file manager so that you see that what you are downloading is real and will be there after you are done, the torrent links will have already created folders and start adding the files in them as you can see below

to give you a better perspective some of the songs in Kendrick's album have already entered as you can see

it works the same way for computer too, all you need is to download the torrent downloader just search for utorrent.exe on google and download it from the first search result you find and you can download using that also, see my utorrent on my computer

and below is my downloads folder showing some of the torrent files i downloaded from which i hope to transfer to the torrent downloader in due time

you will be advised to use a VPN to protect your IP address from spamming so go ahead and look for easy and free vpns, but in truth, most VPN cost money and i can't really give good advise about which VPN is the best or say i have been effectively using one all i can say I have and you can also download and reel in torrents, all the while...

Victor Samuel

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Meek Sheep Of "Gero" Road

Depraved and distrustful eyes of meek sheep
never greeting nor smiling back
more so with my plump face and red colored sweater
shrouded with preconceptions as the religious norm
lost and blended in their own gripe 5 times daily
to renew their commitment to what exactly?
meek sheep and meek sheep clothing on "Gero" road
removing the why as if it is not the same place
the modus operandi of sheep is movement and digestive attrition
littered besides their filth and food are automobiles
damaged, washed and creating spaces
sheep believe in cluster, for to be in each other company
is to see the other before everything else
abiding in a maze to another that feel the same
as they bask in the comfort and abundance of the minimal
the words are Go and Play, None obese or overweight
Football,bicycles prayer and flirts; Dawn to dusk
churches seen for what they really are; playing spaces
The abandoned Cherubim and Seraphim Church
a microcosm of the earlier tale, in a sea of dashikis
all the while one is bathed with a feeling of dread
from the buildings; beautiful women dressed as ghosts
In sheep clothing some wolf around and stand guard
as sheep dogs of repression, 
watching for strangers 
in suspicion of everything and everyone, checking sameness
Handwritten on the wall are phallic pictographs of expiation
The gain; flawed Civilization, Banks, Market and pliable roads
To assert an almost laughable dominance of junks
Cluster might look dirty to many, however if
we are the same, what would take you a whole room to do
has been done in a little box, of an usurper suspicious fear
I just, walk past and you know why

Victor Samuel

Beautiful Dogs of Gyel

Chased to the mountains, the beautiful dogs of Gyel
To till the hard ground and build on 
a peace uneven, like the rocks they now have to call
home - un-pliable unlike the road with -
no toilet in schools, plump dogs in perfidy
To still in slum where every beard is a suspect
dogs resilient, friendly, loyal and strong
forge a life on timber where poor don’t even come close
segregated Like Jo’burg, zinc shack slum up on rocks
holes in the ground as water sources
since mountains are river eggs
with poverty comes prostitution. Dogs and their
aerosol sniff, Debauchery as a crutch
forcing recognition from a hole in a fence
where no matter how sterile the land is combed
corn hubs and dry stalks litter to be gathered for fire
to feed Vaseline smiles from plump faces
they are friendly, they are warm, they are stolen from
but are they worn?

Victor Samuel

Playlist From Best Albums (August '19)


Download the albums HERE

Sparrow - Begging You
Sparrow - My Little Man
Sparrow - Broke

Mirage - Some Time Away
Mirage - Mufasa
Mirage - Preach

Rhye  - Needed
Rhye - Patience ft Olafurr Arnalds
Rhye - Wicked Dreams

Syd Arthur - No Peace
Syd Arthur - Sun Rays
Syd Arthur - Evolution

Formation - Pleasure
Formation - Powerful People
Formation - On The Board

DNCE- Body Moves
DNCE - Cake By The Ocean
DNCE - Doctor You

Izzy Bizu - What We Wanted
Izzy  Bizu - Door Step
Izzy Bizu - Lights on

Josh Record - Bones
Josh Record - Bed of Thorns
Josh Record - Wide Awake

Wayne Snow - Cooler
Wayne Snow - Red runner
Wayne Snow - Rosie